SaturdayJuly16 ,2011
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Being on holiday is about spontaneity, freedom and simplicity. When the basic things function and the map is bought - the rest follows naturally. We believe it should be easy to go on holiday. The holiday must begin when you pull out of the driveway. In a time where vehicles and equipment are becoming bigger and bigger and more and more complex - we still think that preparing to leave and unpacking equipment must be as simple as possible. It must be of a sturdy quality but without being too much to carry around.

Why choose between outdoor experiences and comfort - when both are possible?

All cars can pull the Combi-Camp and the low trailer tent causes minimal wind resistance, therefore ensuring optimum fuel economy while towing. Combi-Camp has become a household name in camping circles. All models offer an excellent range of fixtures and fittings, the berth section is fitted over the wheeels, leaving you dry and comfortable in even the wettest conditions and the practical rear kitchen is easy to use even at lay-bys for brief lunch stops en route to your holiday.




This is your Combi-Camp


Combi-Camp COUNTRY

Are you trendy? Do you have a smart life style? Then the NEW Combi- Camp Country is made for you!

Combi-Camp VALLEY

The Combi-Camp Valley is the perfect setting for a family holiday. The family may be close to nature, but no comfort is spared.


Combi-Camp trailer tents come to you extremely well-equipped as standard - but wait. There's more.

Video Desmonstration

See the Combi-Camp trailer tent on the Caravan Channel including 3D Animation and Movie Trailer