Saturday July 16 , 2011
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The following illustrations are based on a total purchase price of £7750*

for 2 years 379.09 per months no deposit required

for 3 years 272.08 per months no deposit required

for 4 years 219.24 per months no deposit required

for 5 years 188.05 per months no deposit required

This is based on a good credit rating and is available from 1st Jan. 2009

Please call us on 01844 215900 to give you a quote on finance.

* The monthly repayments will be lower if a deposit is paid.

This is your Combi-Camp


Combi-Camp COUNTRY

Are you trendy? Do you have a smart life style? Then the NEW Combi- Camp Country is made for you!

Combi-Camp VALLEY

The Combi-Camp Valley is the perfect setting for a family holiday. The family may be close to nature, but no comfort is spared.


Combi-Camp trailer tents come to you extremely well-equipped as standard - but wait. There's more.

Video Desmonstration

See the Combi-Camp trailer tent on the Caravan Channel including 3D Animation and Movie Trailer