Saturday July 16 , 2011
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Your Combi-Camp comes fully equipped with everything you are likely to need for a great holiday time and again. However, there is always room for a few extras to make your enjoyment of your Combi-Camp trailer tent even greater.

Here is just a selection of the accessories available. Please contact us for prices and availability of these items and many more.

For tent

Guest annex
Product Number: Blue 13750 (Ny blå i 2008)
Product Number: Green 13742
Product Number: Cognac 13744
Product Number: Grey 13746

The annex is  140 cm wide and  185 cm deep
which gives you 2,76m² and contains 2 sleeping
spaces and a vent, which create a good ventilation.


The annex is supplied with a sleeping cabin
for both the (Country and The Valley).

Produktbilleder | Anneks | 13742[1].jpg

The Back Awning
Product Number: Blue 11860 (Ny blå i 2008)
Product Number: Green 11852
Product Number: Cognac 11854
Product Number: Grey 11856

The very large back awning contains space for
fitting an optional inner tent for two to sleep,
thogether with ample storage space for your
WC etc. The back awning has side door on each
side for easy access.


(The back awning is supplied without the
optional inner tent)
Produktbilleder | Bagtelt | 11852[1].jpg

Inner tent for back
Product Number: 63599

Made for two sleeping spaces

Produktbilleder | Bagtelt 2 | 63598[1].jpg

Door canopy
Product Number: 13347 (Country/Valley)

The door canopy gives you shelter against
wind and rain.

Produktbilleder | Dørmarkise til Venezia | 13347[1].jpg
Extra sun canopy
Product Number: 11628

The Extra sun canopy is fitted to the front
of the main awning and gives you shelter
from direct sunlight and gives you 7.5 m²
Produktbilleder | Ekstra Solsejl | 11628[1].jpg

2 Pocket pieces
Product Number: Blue 64228 (Ny blå i 2008) 
Product Number: Grey 64222
Product Number: Green 64224
Product Number: Cognac 64226

Produktbilleder | Opbevaringslommer | 64224[1].jpg


For trailer

Integrated Drive tarpaulin
Product number: 12215


Produktbilleder | Køresejl til vogn og køkken | 12215[1].jpg

Drive tarpaulin kitchen
Product number: 12208

Produktbilleder | Køresejl til Køkken | 12208[1].jpg

Drive tarpaulin trailer
Product number: 12204

Produktbilleder | Køresejl til vogn | 12204[1].jpg

Draught cover for under trailer
Product number: 28223

Produktbilleder | Læstykke under vogn | 28223[1].jpg
Draught cover for under kitchen
Product number: 28218
Produktbilleder | Køresejl til Køkken | 12208[1].jpg

Lock for hitch
Product number: 55017

Produktbilleder | Lås til kuglekobling | 55017[1].jpg
ALCO securety lock for hitch
Product number: 55016
Produktbilleder | ALKO kuglekoblingslås | 55016[1].jpg
Side Storage legs with wheels
Product number: 82433
Produktbilleder | Opbevaringsstativ med hjul | 82433[1].jpg
Bike rack for roof rack fitting
Product number: 82438
Produktbilleder | Cykelholder til bagagebærer | 82438[1].jpg
Aluminium bike rack for roof rack fitting
Product number: 81200
Produktbilleder | Alu cykelholder til babagebærer | 81200[1].jpg
Aluminium bike rack towbar
Product number: 81210
Produktbilleder | Alu cykelholder til trækstang | 81210[1].jpg
Windprotectors for kitchen burners
Product number: 81100
Produktbilleder | Vindafskærmning til komfur | 81100[1].jpg


This is your Combi-Camp


Combi-Camp COUNTRY

Are you trendy? Do you have a smart life style? Then the NEW Combi- Camp Country is made for you!

Combi-Camp VALLEY

The Combi-Camp Valley is the perfect setting for a family holiday. The family may be close to nature, but no comfort is spared.


Combi-Camp trailer tents come to you extremely well-equipped as standard - but wait. There's more.

Video Desmonstration

See the Combi-Camp trailer tent on the Caravan Channel including 3D Animation and Movie Trailer