Saturday July 16 , 2011
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to set up and store?
You should be able to set your trailer tent up alone. Setting up should be quick and effortlesss and you should be able to put it away wet without everything inside getting soaked. Combi-Camp is the world's fastest - in less than half a minute. See our video-link for a demonstration (opens in new window).

Can I put up the main unit anyhwere?
You should be able to set up your unit on any solid ground and should not need to rely on pegs being driven into the ground. Combi-Camp can be put up virtually anyhwere, even on sloping ground and the accommodation is off the ground, so you can even put it up in wet fields.

Will it take all my gear?
You should be able to pack your luggage in the trailer and leave space in the car for your family. Combi-Camp has ample space in the 268 litre cargo box as well as being able to take your bikes or canoe on the trailer-top rack.

Does it take up much storage space?
A well-designed trailer tent should be capable of outdoor winter storage. Combi-Camp is weather-proof when closed and side storage legs are available with wheels so it will fit along the wall in most garages.

How well will it last?
Your trailer should not fade or rot and should be designed to avoid condensation. Check the weight of the mattress and thickness of its cover. Then check the Combi-Camp and judge for yourself.

Will it have good resale value?
The trailer tent got a well-respected name. You should be able to get spares no matter how old your trailer. Combi-Camp - the world's most sought after trailer tent.

10 good reasons to choose Combi-Camp

  • 1. One person can set up the Combi-Camp in approximately 30 seconds
  • 2. Living room has a solid floor and built-in sofa
  • 3. Quality beds with laminated wood slats (optional)
  • 4. Good indoor climate, controlled by ample adjustable ventilation points
  • 5. Integrated telescopic tent pole set for kitchen canopy, sun canopy and awning
  • 6. Well-equipped kitchen permanently installed on camper - ideal for short stops and/or extended stays
  • 7. Built-in cargo box of 265 Litres of storage capacity
  • 8. Can be towed by any car regardless of size and horsepower
  • 9. Excellent fuel economy compared to caravan
  • 10. All Combi-Camps have 40 years of experience "built-in" - your guarantee of high quality and durability.

Setting up your Combi-Camp - it's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Unhitch the car
  2. Make sure your Combi-Camp is level
  3. Screw the 2 support legs down
  4. Open the Combi-Camp to open out the tent
  5. Tighten up the tent with the 2 internal poles
  6. Adjust the grass edge all the way round and if necessary hammer in a couple of pegs
  7. Job done - now put a chair out in the sun and relax

This is your Combi-Camp


Combi-Camp COUNTRY

Are you trendy? Do you have a smart life style? Then the NEW Combi- Camp Country is made for you!

Combi-Camp VALLEY

The Combi-Camp Valley is the perfect setting for a family holiday. The family may be close to nature, but no comfort is spared.


Combi-Camp trailer tents come to you extremely well-equipped as standard - but wait. There's more.

Video Desmonstration

See the Combi-Camp trailer tent on the Caravan Channel including 3D Animation and Movie Trailer